This is a khajiit they are good at thieving and also there special is good for thieving.
This ia an argonian they are an all round person but there breath under water spec, resist disease and immune to poison specs are cool.
This is an imperial they are good merchants and ok melee users.
This is a redguard they are good melee users and there special is useful at points in the game.
This is an orc they are very good for combat and there special is useful in tricky spots.
This is a breton supposedly lol but anyway they are good at pure mages robes and a well balanced amount of spells.
This is a nord they are very good at combat virtually the same as the orc.
This is a high elf they are good mages but sadly weak against mage.
This is a wood elf they are very good stealth fighters and there special is good.
This is a dark elf they are very good battle mages and they are resistant to fire but sadly a rubbish special.